Car rental

The need to rent a car may emerge at any time and for  many various resons. The comfort of service is indisputable: in fact, renting a car means take advantage of services of a modern vehicle, submitted to  the regular, thorough maintenance  and check-up as it recommended by the manufacturer.

You do not need to warry about the ensuring policy, any further revisions or anything alse: onse the fulfilled is paid you immediately  withdraw the keys and can quickly go to your destination.


The car rental company makes available to its clients the fleet cars of a high quality. The cars are revised and checked-up with very high frequency and submitted to thorough exterior and enterior cleaning by its  return. They are also delivered to the clients with full fuel.

Besides the safety and reliability of vehicles the company offers to its clients a wide variety of a car choice: from comfortable and agille cars to representative and elegant sedans. We have maximum convenience of the rates which are the best on the market: for prices and special offers do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will discuss them together.

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