storia_toddeEverything was born from the idea of Orazio Todde, who in 1950 was still a young man, he left Sardinia his homeland to find the fortune in the capital. After various work experiences he bought a car to give it out for a rent: it was 1956 year.

Only in 1959 the company was joined to the Chamber of Commerce, when it has already become an important enterprise of Rome.
In 1962 it became the first enterprise in the sector of  national level, the fleet cars had touched altitude of 250 units, as shown by the census of the Commune of Rome, and which at that time has been photographed inside the Circus Maximus.

In the course of time Sig. Orazio diversified his activity still remaining in the rental field. So from a simple rental production car models he created what is now called “classic cars”, those cars was not in production any more or  whrere the cars  the models of which were not presented in Italy, thus creating in the market “the ceremony cars”. Rai Storia, a history channel of Rai about Italian people and evolution of new customs, made a report dedicated to weddings and changes in the preparartions, broadcasting an interview of Sig. Orazio Todde who was an aithor of that new trend.

After two decades at the top of the national car rental, where the company claimed to be the unique supplier for the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of Republic and for other State Entities whose offices were in Rome, with the advent of so-called “blue cars”, was Orazio Todde who wasted no time and went back in the game by transforming the car rental into the bus rental.
In the mid-80s he came to have as many as 90 buses all with a capacity of 50/54 number of seats.

Even there he stood out immediately for his excellent ability and came at the top in a short time, becoming the president of the National Association of the category. In that last part he left his mark by organizing the biggest italian manifestation of the sector that paralyzed Rome for several days: in fact the fub of the manifestation was Piazza Venezia completely invaded by hundrers of buses for 72 hours, as soon as the buses went away when the category agreement was signed, next day Piazza Venezia had its flowerbed, nowadays known to the worldwide  in order to avoid the recurrence of such events.

Over the last twenty years this work has evolved considerably as well as the vehicles have evolved too. So Sig. Todde who was always keeping up with the times decided to create a number of companies within the same sector but each of them specialized in particular field of the application: from corporate shuttles to transport disabled peolple, from school bus service, representation cars for ministries and embassies to individual tourists, from simple transfer to international tours for large groups; in order to give more attention to different types of customers.

In May 2009 Sig. Orazio Todde died, just when he should have been awarded the recognition by the state as an entrepreneur with fifty years of continuous activity in the Italian territory. His contribution and prestige for his work are still widely recognized.

Since then the company succeeded by his son Marco, who is proud of the history and the achievements of the father and who had already begun several years ago working with him with target to attention to clients, honesty and strong dedication to work.

In 2010, Marco has joined the various establishes of his father into one company: Toddebus S.r.l., in order to provide a high quality of the service ensuring the most competitive prices in the market and trying to carry the prestige that distinguishes his name.

to my father